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Lankytojų komentarai

Hendri 2015-11-13 05:32:12
I agree. Celiac was once ocnsidered a<a href=""> colhdiohd</a> disease. Studies have shown that most often, chidren who were diagnosed with Celiac, grow up to be adults with unexplained symptoms. All Celiac's know that this is one of the most difficult dignoses to make. Many doctors still treat the individual symptoms, without treating the underlying cause, which is the very food we consume to stay alive. I have found that, in retrospect, i have had symptoms all my life. Having been misdiagnosed, it took my Uncle, then my Grandfather almost dying, and being dignosed with Celiac sprue to bring the disease to my attention. Seems my family was full of undiagnosed Celiacs, and we have all benefitted from a gluten free diet.
Katy 2015-11-13 05:30:16
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Rachel 2015-11-13 05:28:34
Thanks Erin! I will be adding some more Fall Harvest <a href="">repceis</a> this week including spaghetti squash, apple pie and rosemary/pancetta brussel sprouts! Keep checking back for updates!!at
Larbi 2015-11-13 05:28:24
This is the bit that really <a href="">stndas</a> out for me: Most were asymptomatic or had atypical presentations This observation is very common in CD, and one has to ask the question, why is the atypical presentation the most typical? i.e. why does what is regarded as a gut disease predominantly present as having atypical symptoms outside of the gut?
Kirsten 2015-11-13 05:28:15
I agree. Celiac was once ocnsidered a<a href=""> cdhohilod</a> disease. Studies have shown that most often, chidren who were diagnosed with Celiac, grow up to be adults with unexplained symptoms. All Celiac's know that this is one of the most difficult dignoses to make. Many doctors still treat the individual symptoms, without treating the underlying cause, which is the very food we consume to stay alive. I have found that, in retrospect, i have had symptoms all my life. Having been misdiagnosed, it took my Uncle, then my Grandfather almost dying, and being dignosed with Celiac sprue to bring the disease to my attention. Seems my family was full of undiagnosed Celiacs, and we have all benefitted from a gluten free diet.
Furkay 2015-11-13 05:28:15
I think you're totally right on this take. Combine the<a href=""> cumalutive</a> effects with more frequent consumption of wheat due to the subsidies that growers receive, and potentially more-toxic strains created by Norman Borlaug (with the best intentions), and you're in trouble. Best avoided or eaten only occasionally, if you can tolerate it.
Rozikin 2015-11-13 05:27:43
LauraOctober 21, 2012Hi Jennifer, My son was only 1 and a half when he became very ill. I did tons of<a href=""> rercaseh</a> which led me to an elimination diet. Gluten was the problem. I put him on a gluten free diet and he immediately improved. When my son improved on a gluten free diet it all made sense to me.I always had lots of problems to the point that my husband, doctors, family and friends thought it was all in my head. I was very thin, rash, bloating, gastritis, always sick, lack of energy, afraid to eat out because of my constant upset stomach and the list just goes on. Then there were the mental problems such as headaches, brain fog, and bouts of depression. It was horrible. My son suffered more than I did and that just made me feel like more of a mess. After a year of testing, doctors finally gave me an official diagnosis of Celiac Disease. I was also recently diagnosed with Graves Disease. I found your website through a yahoo article about the show Blue Bloods. So sorry you had to resign due to CBS's foolishness. Most people I meet do not know what this disease is, they think it's an allergy or it's not a big deal. I admire what you are doing and trying to accomplish. Love your website and can't wait to try some of your recipes. Be strong and healthy! Wish you all the best,Laura
Alessandro 2015-11-13 05:27:34
I was given the choice to<a href=""> rseign</a> or be fired. In the state I live in they can fire you without any reason. The only thing that was commented on was that they thought I had an anger issue, which can be part of celiac disease, but it was not evident at work. I was misdiagnosed for over 11 years. I was told I had Ulcerative colitis then a few years later it was microscopic colitis then my large intestines were clear. The entire time I lived with fatigue, depression, diarrhea, and pain every day. After 8 years and being told all my symptoms were from the colitis, I would eat and almost fall over with pain and they said it was my gallbladder but when they did the imaging nothing was wrong with my gallbladder. My blood work was abnormal but none of the doctors did anything about it. They said it was dyspepsia and the colitis and I would just live with it. I had taken all the meds for Ulcerative Colitis with no relief. I was a hard worker trying never to miss a day of work. the only way I could function was using imodium. The people I worked with could not believe I lived with the diarrhea and extreme abdominal pain all those years and still worked. I just said that it was the way it was so I had to live with it. Last year about this time I stated having muscle cramps in my hands and arms to the point I could not work safely. They tested my blood and said I had a parathyroid tumor but after more extensive radiologic tests it was determined not to be a tumor. The pain wasso intense that it was at least a 9 out of 10 every day. They finally decided to send me to the Mayo Clinic but it was going to be 3 months before I could get into Dr. Murray's care. I had to see a new GI doctor locally and he said he thought I had pancreatic cancer and wanted to go in and look at my pancrease using and endoscope (ERCP). He performed the procedure under general anesthetic and had to place a stent in my pancrease because the sphincter had scarred closed from all the years of undiagnosed Celiac disease. The doctor while placing the stent noticed the inflammation of my small intestine and took biopsies and post op took blood. Dec 5th I was told I had Celiac disease. Eat gluten free and you will be fine is what I was told. After another month I was still in so much pain and the diarrhea never stopped. This new GI doctor said you are just eating gluten and he tested my levels again and they were falling which indicated I was not ingesting gluten. I finally got to Mayo and told my 11year saga. The staff reviewed the originally biopsies from my colon and I was told I never had ulcerative colitis or microscopic colitis. They kept me there for a week and redid their own coloscopy, endoscopy and 20 other test. They thought I had lymphoma my small intestines were so badly damaged. They told me that I am so bad that I may never recover and continue to have all the symptoms which I have not enough time or space to list. Just say that I have almost all the worst of the worst symptoms of the long list of Celiac disease. Currently I am disabled and unable to work. Mayo clinic said I would not be able to work for 3 to 5 years if it every happens. My daughters where then tested and they both have celiac disease so at least they can live gluten free. What hurts is when people see me and say you don't look sick. The other is when you say you have Celiac disease they say sorry you can't eat bread. I read your story and it touched me because I know what you and your family and friends are suffering with Celiac disease. The ignorance is terrible and I am wanting to help prevent others from my level of suffering.Thank you,David
Melissa 2015-11-13 05:27:16
there's your answer. He never liked <a href="">eaitng</a> bread, his body was telling him that's not good for me. It wasn't until I started sending a sandwich in his lunch that things started a downward spiral. We thought he had norovirus. It was December, ha came home sick from school and had horrible stomach cramps. He then got better. He became ill again in the week leading up to Christmas. W didn't know what to think. Diarrhea and stomach cramps continued. We took him in to see the pediatrician on Valentine's Day. She took X-rays and said he had a lot of gas. She then wanted to do. Loos work and have a fecal sample taken. Before he went to the doctor I did my own checking on WebMD. CD was one that popped up. I asked the doctor if a Celiac panel,could be run since blood was being taken anyway. She shrugged and said why not. 2 days later were at a gastroenterologist appointment. The GI doc came in and said that his rest results were back and that it showed he had CD. This road has been a tough one over the last 1 1/2 yrs. mistakes have been made and tempers have flared. School is a definite challenge. No one understands, and if they think they do they have all the wrong information. It makes me want to scream! I love that you have started this campaign. If there is any way I could help, please let me know. In many ways my son's life depends on what you are trying to accomplish.
Kocsis 2015-11-13 05:27:09
DianaDecember 11, 2012Hello Jennifer,I was so excited to visit your <a href="">wetbsie</a> after seeing your segment on Fox Files . I am very grateful that you are bringing awareness about Celiac Disease. Your site has made me feel as if I now have another family-one that understands what we Celiacs go through. I was diagnosed in January 2012, actually only four months after my first complaint to my primary doctor. She suggested I had GERD, then acid refulx, then a hiatal hernia. It was after an endoscopy performed by a GI doctor that I learned of the celiac. Unfortunately, the pain was not only stemming as a symptom of the Celiac Disease (perhaps not any pain at all from it) as I was kind of diagnosed by accident . After going to a gluten-free diet and being assured that I would feel better in a matter of days, the pain became more intense and changed location in my stomach. Within a month I had several blood tests along with an abdominal sonogram and CT scan and was soon diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Dealing with two life changing diseases in a matter of two months has been a challenge to say the least. I am still learning, reading, researching, and have attended a Celiac Support group a few times this year. I am so very grateful for the doctors that finally did listen and could figure it out. It is so frustrating not to be heard, and I admire that you are out there to give us a voice and make people aware-health professionals, friends, co-workers, family. People just don't seem to get it . I will visit your site regularly and keep hoping and praying that the word gets out there and more and more people can become educated about this disease. I am interested in making a video for you, are you still accepting them? Thank you. Best wishes to you. Diana W.
Fatah 2015-11-12 19:37:27
November 18, 2012Reversing Celiac Sprue Degeneration of the Intestinal VilliDear Jennifer:I must share with you an incredible tenomitsy of healing that has taken place forAliki Pishev who was challenged with a life threatening disease. May everyone who reads and understands Aliki's pH Miracle bring hope to others who are in fear, pain and suffering with this message of healing light.In love and light,Dr. Robert O. Young Dear Dr. Young:It is 7:30am on Mother's Day and I should be staying in bed for the traditional breakfast in bed. Instead, I feel compelled to write to you this important message.Yesterday, I was at Jeff's training which was awesome and one of the questions was, What does pH Miracle Living mean to you? I responded quickly but now that I've had more time to think, I've come up with a more meaningful answer.When you are given a diagnosis of a life threatening disease, you find yourself falling into this abyss of darkness. You feel helpless, alone and powerless. In September, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I was told that people with celiac have a higher chance of developing other conditions, including lymphoma. When I asked about this potential danger and whether or not I should be worried, the response was, well, if you notice fatigue, weight loss or high fevers, come in right away. My immediate thought was, if I wait until then, it will be too late. I decided not to wait and took matters into my own hands. I took control of my health.As a clinical psychotherapist I was comfortable with advocating for my patients. I had considered myself a healer in some ways. But now I needed healing and I didn't know where or to who to turn to. It was an all too familiar place. A few years ago, I had gone through six years of repeated miscarriages (five losses in total). The sense of loneliness, pain and fear that one goes through during a health crisis can be quite difficult.That was when my journey began. Through a long time friend who herself had some health challenges and regained health, I also took the leap of faith. It was in January that I spoke with you and to be honest, it was the first time that I felt a surge of hope and joy. It brings tears to my eyes just remembering the intensity of those feelings. It felt like someone had thrown me a rope that I could finally hold onto. I was suffering from all kinds of symptoms: anemia for two years, elevated liver enzymes for three years, frequent headaches and migraines, osteopenia, vitamin D deficiency, regular painful mouth lesions/canker sores, low energy, inability to run for two years (after always being a runner), exhaustion.As you suggested, I did the pH Miracle Whole Body cleanse and the complete program. I've been drinking the greens faithfully since January. Three weeks ago, my primary care physician called ecstatic saying, I have never seen such good blood results on you!! Everything is normal!!! .Today, I feel like a new person! My whole life has changed! I can honestly say I feel the healthiest, probably that I have ever felt. All my nagging symptoms are gone. I've resumed running since January and now exercise four times a week (for a 42 year old with 3 young children and a busy job, that's pretty good)! I've had other surprising benefits as well. I am sleeping naturally for the first time after years of needing medication to help me sleep. I feel calmer and happier. People have commented on the changes in me.So, what does the pH Miracle LIFE style mean to me? I can say it with one word: HOPE. You, through your research and your products, have given me the greatest gift. My deepest fear has always been that I would not be around to see my children grow up. Now I have the tools and knowledge to make sure that I have a long, healthy life. This is the most valuable gift that we can give to our loved ones and to people everywhere.On this Mother's Day, an appropriate day for this message, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know deep in my soul that God sent you to me, at a time that I most needed his help and guidance. I've seen what miracles you've created for so many other people who have suffered with their health. Dr. Young, you have changed my life and I will always be eternally grateful to you.With the greatest respect,Aliki Pishev
Foxran 2015-11-12 19:35:10
5 years ago</a> you post an image from a site that doesn't allow hotlinking, you can just peenrpd the URL with . imgred will cache the image for you, and provide the needed bandwidth. I don't know how long it will hold up, though.Reply</a>
Rishavbhai 2015-11-12 19:29:01
4 years ago</a>There\'s also an addon for Firefox called \ Web Developer\ has a \ Disable\ menu, in there you can check/uncheck Referrers. It also adds a lot of other functions, but it definitely simplifies this task.Reply</a>
Satoh 2015-11-12 19:16:56
5 years ago</a>There are two other methods which work with most brwresos. Right click on the link and click preferences. Then in the preferences window will be the full url, both the referrers address with the url for the image. Look for the url to the image at the end of the link, drag your mouse over just this part to highlight it, copy it and then paste just the image url into your brwresos address bar and Go. Or, again Right click the link and click copy shortcut. Paste it into the address bar and delete everything but the url for the image.Of course, on some sites, right clicking will be disabled or they use other techniques for the link that doesn't give a right clickable link, but that is not common and the above works on the majority of sites linking to the various image sites that I have tried.Reply</a>
Neela 2015-11-12 19:07:23
1) Yes. The quality of eanrings are poor given the poor cash flow relative to eanrings (exhibit 10) caused by poor AR and Inventory trends. There might be writeoffs of inventory and AR in future. Also the finance sub's loan balance has increased a lot in 2002 relative to sales, pointing to potential aggressive financing behavior. Another sign is that depreciation is a lot lower than capex. Seems like company's eanrings might be overstated as its equipment base is low on a book basis, and it needs to spend more to maintain its PPE relative to book depreciation. It seems like the company consistently spends more capex than depreciation historically, so the company's eanrings is overstated for historical periods as well.2) Obviously some difficulties. feels like eanrings has been managed and company doing too many things that are unrelated to its core business. Financial ratios are not interesting even prior to 2002. Good thing is that a lot of the debt is ring fenced in the finance sub. they do have almost $500M of short term debt at the operating subs that need to be refinanced. don't think it should be too difficult.
Gerardo 2015-11-12 19:07:07
1. Earnings QualityIt seems to me that earnings quailty is low, due to the high accruals and divergence between accounting earnings and cash flow in ex. 10. Just looking at it a/r grew much faster than sales did in the core business. Revenue recognition is loose by recognizing on shipment and allows for a lot of discretion with the percentage of completion methods for the other lines, etc. Depreciation is consistently below capex, implying higher ongoing expenses to keep the business going than depreciation implies, you can also see this in the difference between the expense taken on their tax books vs. financial books (the tax books show a much higher expense). NCC provides something of a grab bag as well. Residual values on leases are estimates and the language on provisions for doubtful account has qualifiers that create the opportunity to manage earnings. I agree with mcturra, i don't fully understand the compensation scheme, but what's clear is that management's incentive is to basically show high accounting profits. 2. Operational/Financial ProblemsClearly some operational problems, the company has many divisions and problems in them. It all seems unwieldy, actually. Margins in general have been weakening. The quote from the article about tightening of auditing implies weak controls. Cash flow turned negative and financial leverage has increased materially.
Alisson 2015-11-12 18:38:30
It's difficult to know what to focus on, so I have a flieeng I'm going to win a date with your ex on this one, but here goes 1. Quality of 2002 earnings.What is apparent is a change in the tone of the narrative to the stockholders in the 31 Jan 2002 compared with 31 Jan 2003. For 2001, we were given, may I say, somewhat grandiose statements about contributing to the good of mankind, and some quote by Albert Einstein. Not to mention It was the most successful year in National history . Job well done, bonuses all 'round, I would say.Then, for 2002, stockholders might have been surprised to hear heavy losses in FOUR subsidiaries and SEVERAL joint ventures . Oh, what happened there then?From a purely qualitative view, I predict that the 2002 quality of earnings is poor. Comparing the quarterly income statements, it seems that that Q1 and Q3 were looking a little strained, and then suddenly we had some kind of crunch in Q4. Seems to me that the narrative and the Q4 numbers point to management deciding to take a bath on the 2002 numbers.2. Operating/financial difficultiesThe levels of long term debt to equity and net debt to sales for 2002 look about average for the company, so it doesn't look like it is in financial difficulty. Operating margins for 2002 are obviously way below 2001, but it's difficult to know whether the decline is innocent or an ominous portent.I suspect I'm missing EVERYTHING though.
Roque 2015-11-12 18:29:44
I just sent a payment throguh PayPal and it went right throguh (thought you'd like to know that it does work sometimes!) I'm not sure it included my email address however, so I wanted to give you that so you could email me my ebook. I'm so looking forward to getting it. I heard about it from Kelli Perkins.
Thina 2015-11-12 18:12:08
Yes I did notice there were only 5-6 vieods up this morning.Thanks for the materials again John. You are doing us a great service of putting all this valuable material up. Not many people will take the time to go through it, but the ones that do surely appreciate it!I mentioned you on my OSV facebook pages. Let's try to build your student following.
Seto 2015-11-12 18:03:26
Hi June! I am so pleased you are ineettsred in my book. Sometimes strange things happen on the Internet. I also received a message about not being able to encrypt the certificate id. I had to try about 6 times before it finally worked! Unfortunately, I cannot take Visa I am not set up for it. That would mean you'd have to send a cheque, which would take forever from Australia. I will look into this and see if there's any way I can expedite it.
Iza 2013-10-06 08:24:03
Hello John,The video on Greenwald discussed about viaulng growth companies.I clearly understand why a growth (G) rate higher than Return on Capital (ROC) is bad for the company but I do not understand why a growth rate higher than the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) be bad.A good example would probably be viaulng Google. Google has little debt but has a high growth rate. If I use greenwald's formula I will end up with a negative value for google.Looking forward hearing from you or the csinvesting community.Get well soon John.Regards,Renzie
jarik 2005-07-12 22:53:25
ahaaa... tik ten tik 500megų ir kažkaip daugoka reklamos prikišta... bet alternatyva - visada gerai! :)

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